Executive Members

Executive Members

Name: Dr. Rajesh Kazi Shrestha (President)

Address: Rajesh Kaji 152 Rani Devi Marg, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

Association: RK Associates

P.O.Box no: 3295

Office no: +977-1-4002049, 4002050

Fax no: +977-1-4002315

Email: rks@bizrk.com, cmd@arkshgroup.com

Websites: www.arkshgroup.com


Honorary Consul of Vietnam to Nepal

Honored with Honorary Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.d) in International diplomacy by Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI), New Delhi, India on February 2, 2010.

Representing Firm/Company

  • Nepal International Business Pvt. Ltd.
  • Constant Business Group Pvt. Ltd.
  • Status Trading Pvt. Ltd.
  • Arksh Group Pvt.Ltd

Representing Associations

President Nepal-China Chamber of Commerce
Vice President Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce
Vice President World Association for Small & Medium Enterprises
Senator Purbanchal University
Board Member Nepal Intermodel Transport Development
Board Member Investment Board of Nepal
Board Member Board of Trade
Board Member Private Sector Development Committee
Board Memner Ayurvedic Chikitsalaya (Ayurvedic Hospital)
Co-Chair Nepal Business Forum
Patron Nepal Vietnam /Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Honorary Member Nepal Italy/Korea/Sri Lanka/Myanmar Chamber of  Commerce & Industries
Advisor Education Consultancy Association of Nepal (ECAN)
Advisor Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School
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 Involvement in Industry and Trade

Chairman/MD Arksh Group Pvt. Ltd.- Trading – Vehicles, IT
Chairman/MD Constant Business Group Pvt. Ltd. – Trading – Vehicles
Chairman Nepal International Business Pvt. Ltd. – Trading – Hotel Supplies and Others
Chairman Status Trading Pvt. Ltd. – Trading – Carpets and Flooring
Chairman Lumary Motors Pvt. Ltd. – Trading – Spare Parts
Chairman Hotel Rara Pvt. Ltd. – Hospitality
Chairman Hotel Pleace Land P. Ltd. – Hospitality
Chairman Destination Management Travel & Tour Pvt. Ltd. – Travels and Tours
Board of Director Soaltee Hotel Ltd. (Crown Plaza)
Proprietor Rajesh Concern – Trading – FMCG
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Name: Mr. Suresh Kumar Basnet (Imm Past President)

Address: Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu

P.O.Box no: 12665SURESH

Office no: +977-1-4474167, 4723377

Fax no: +977-1-4231885

Email: sureshbasnyat@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Basnyat Company Limited
  • Sujit Concern & Brothers
  • Om Shanti Pashmina Udyog
  • Jal Pure Drinking Water and Beverage Industry
  • Nepal Ireland Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Line of Business

    Bearings, Car, Photographic goods, Cotton Textile, Handicrafts, Pashmina, Mineral Water, Beverage etc.
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Name: Mr. Lok Manya Golcha (Sr.Vice President)

Address: Golchha House, Ganabahal,

P.O.Box no: 363 Kathamndu, Nepal

Senior Vice President Lok Manya Golchha

Office no: +977-1-14250001

Fax no: 4249723

Email: imports@golchha.com

Representing Company

  • Hansraj Hulasschand & Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hulas Wire Industries Pvt. Ltd.,
  • Him Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hulas Metal Crafts Pvt. Ltd.

Line of Business

    Motor Vehicles, Electrical goods, Cement G.I. Wire, Copper Alloys, Color Television, Steel Products etc
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Name: Mr. Gyanendra Ratna Tuladhar (1st Vice President)

Address: Bhotahity, Kathmandu, Nepalfirst Vice President Gyanendra Ratna Tuladhar

Office no: +977-1-14249819, 4249941

Fax no: +977-1-4228304

Email: nepalwoolhouse.ktm@gmail.com



Representing Company

  • Nepal Wool House Pvt.Ltd.
  • Nepmed International Pvt. Ltd.
  • NWH International

Line of Business

    • Woolen Hosiery & Readymade garments, Woolen Yarn
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Name: Mr. Rajendra Malla  (2nd Vice President)

Address:  New Baneshwor2nd vice president Rajendra Malla (1)

P.O.Box no: 13448, Kathmandu, Nepal

Office no: +977-1-4785107, 4785223

Fax no: +977-1-4358591

Email: rjmalla@yahoo.com

Representing Company

  • Asiatic International Trading Pvt. Ltd.
  • Prabhu Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Manag Air Pvt.Ltd
  • Bhaktapur Tiles & Brick Industry Pvt.Ltd
  • Kantipur Engineering College Pvt.Ltd
  • Sophan Multiple Company  Pvt.Ltd.
  • Acme Engineering College Pvt.Ltd.
  • Mailung Khola Hydro Power Ltd.

Line of Business

    • Industry, Trading, Insurance, Education, Airlines
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Name: Mr. Kamalesh Kumar Agrawal (Secretary GeneralAddress)Secretary General Kamalesh Kumar Agrawal

Address: New Plaza, Putalisadak,

Office no: +977-1-4010504

Fax no: +977-1-1-4010504

Email: agrawalkamlesh57@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Robin Foaming & Paper Product (P) Ltd
  • Robin Polymers (P) Ltd
  • Robin Commercial Centre
  • Nepal Live Insurance Company Ltd
  • Trade and Export Promotion Development Committee

Line of Business

    • Stationary, Electricals, Furnishing & Insurance
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Name: Mr. Rajendra Aryal (Treasurer)


Treasurer Rajendra Prasad Aryal

P.O.Box: 1505, Kathmandu, Nepal

Office no: +977-1-4000536

Fax no: +977-1-4000536

Email: trikon@trikon@advertising.com

Website: www.trikonadvertising.com

Representing Company

  • Trikon Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
  • NIC Asia Bank Ltd
  • City Centre Building Management Company Pvt. Ltd
  • International Chamber of Commerce Nepal

Line of Business

    Advertising Agency, Banking, & Insurance
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Name: Mr. Nilkantha Chaulagain (Secretary)

Address: New Road

Secretary Nilkantha Chaulagain

Office no: +977-1-4265388

Fax no: +977-1-14265388

Email: nkchaulagain@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Suva Prativa Enterprises

Line of Business

    Import and Export, Trading
ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Devendra Bhakta Shrestha (Secretary)

Address: Khadhya Kirana Bazar, Kuleshwor

Secretary Devendra Bhakta Shrestha

Office no: +977-1-4279493

Fax no: +977-1-1-4280948

Email: devendrabs@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Bhakta Khadhyanna Bhandar
  • Bhakta Brothers Distributers House
  • Devendra Trade Centre
  • Shiva Ganesh Industry Pvt.Ltd

Line of Business

    Food grains, Consumer items, Galla, Kirana, Electric traju and etc.
ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Santosh Kumar Pandey (Secretary)

Address: SamakhusiSecretary Santosh Kumar Pandey

Office no: +977-1-4352260

Fax no: +977-1-4021024

Email: pandey.santosh171@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Megha Trading Concern
  • Sales Hub Nepal Pvt.Ltd
  • Adarsha General Store

Line of Business

Liquers & Beverages & petroleum products

ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Parshuram Dahal (Secretary)

Address: R.B. ComplexSecretary Parshuram Dahal

P.O.Box: 1585, Kathmandu,Nepal

Office no: +977-1- 4266274

Fax no: +977-1- 4232138

Email: dahalparshuram@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Revive Trading
  • Success Pvt. Ltd.
  • Eastern Star Saving & Credit Cooperative

Line of Business

    Import, Readymade Garments, Electronic items, cooperative
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Name: Mr. Raja Ratna Tuladhar (Joint Treasurer)

Address: Khichhapokhari

Joint Treasurer Raja Ratna TuladharOffice no: +977-1-4220157,

Fax no: 977-1-4223343

Email: situcent@mos.com.np

Representing Company

  • Dolfing Business
  • Situ Co-operative
  • Central Departmental Store

Line of Business

    Import & Retail Traders
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Name: Mr. Kishor Kumar Agrawal (Executive Member)                                          

Address: Hotel Orchid Building, Teku Road, Tripurswor.

P.O.Box no: 845, Kathmandu, Nepal

Office no: +977-1-4242373, 4222679

Fax no: +977-1-4222679

Email: agrawalkk@hotmail.com

Representing Company

  • Space Age Concern
  • Space Age Office Automation Center
  • Ma Parvati Kripa (P) Ltd.
  • Shree Ram Polymers (P) Ltd
  • Space Communication P. Ltd.
  • Electronics-2100 Ltd.

Line of Business

    Office Equipment, Computer Parts, Telecommunication Equipments, Consumer Electronics, Bathroom & Sanitary wirers, Construction Materials, Manufacturing & Trading
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Name: Mr. Rana Bahadur Shrestha (Executive Member)                                 
Address: Anamnagar, Office no: +977-1-4101652, 4771630Fax no: +977-1-4101652Email: bhojpur2012@yahoo.com
Representing Company

  • Kantipur Photo Concern Private.Ltd

Line of Business

Photo related

ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Mahendra Man Shrestha (Executive Member)

Address: HattisarMahendra Man

P.O. Box no: 2566 & 20004, Kathmandu, Nepal

Office no: +977-1-4440084, 4440087

Fax no: +977-1-4439411

Email: namaste@wlink.com.np

Websites: www.himalayanpassage.com

Representing Company

  • Namaste Travel Pvt. Ltd
  • Expo Express Services (P) Ltd
  • Namaste Aviation International

Lines of Business

    Travel, Tours and Freight Arrangements, airlines representative
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Name: Mr. Kamal Kumar Begani (Executive Member)

Address: Begani Niwas, Bhagawati Bahal, Naxal

Exe. Mem. Kamal Kumar Begani

P.O.Box no: 3175, Kathmandu, Nepal

Office no: +977-1-4420228, 420233

Fax no: +977-1-4424291

Email: ni@beganigroup.com

Representing Company

  • Nandan Ghee & Oil Ind. Pvt. Ltd
  • Nilee International Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nekon-KB Plasto Engg. Inds. Pvt. Ltd.
  • KB-SAM Aluminium Industry. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shepherd Carpet Ind. Pvt. Ltd.

Line of Business

    Industrial and Trading
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Name: Mr. Rastra Bhusan Chakubaji (Executive Member)Exe. Mem. Rastra Bhusan Chakubaji

Address: Lazimpat, Kathmandu,

Office no: +977-1-4376403,

Fax no: +977-1-4376403

E-mail: chakubaji@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Chakubaji Trading Concern

Line of Business

    Trading House, Export/Import and General Order Supplier
    Order Supplier
ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Raju Shrestha (Executive Member)

Address: BhagwatiBahal, Thamel

P.O.Box: 1401, Kathmandu, Nepal

Raju Shrestha

Office no: +977-1-4410595

Fax no: +977-1-4412679

Email: speedway@mos.com.np

Websites: www.speedwaycargo.com

Representing Company

  • Speedway Cargo
  • Aseatic Traders & Exporter

Line of Business

    Worldwide Air & Sea Freight Forwarding, Export & Cargo Consolidation, Import Handling
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Name: Mr. Nava Raj Dhakal (Executive Member)

Address: Darbar Marg, Kathmandu

P.O. Box no:

Office no: +977-1-4250085, 4250094

Fax no: +977-1-4250094

Email: nava.dhakal@gmail.com


Representing Company

  • IMS Consultancy Pvt.Ltd

Line of Business

    Aboard Education
ˆ Top

Name: Dr. Anjan Shakya (Executive Member)

Address: 4/877, Lagan Tole Exe. Mem. Dr. Anjan Shakya

P.O Box no: 11352, Kathmandu, Nepal

Office no: +977-1-4101591

Fax no: +977-1-4231550

Email: dranjanshakya@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Zeal Media Pvt. Ltd.

Line of Business

ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Krishna Man Shrestha (Executive Member)

Address: Basundhara

Exe. Mem.Krishna Man Shrestha

P.O.Box no: 9821

Office no: +977-1-4362554, 365002

Fax no: 4365002

Email: shresthakrishnaman@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • New Milleinum Store
  • KM Agro Farm
  • Laxmi Aakikrit Krishi Byabasai (P) Ltd
  • Bina Multi Purpose Pvt.Ltd

Line of Business

    Grocery, Agriculture products
ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Kailash Chandra Goyal (Executive Member)

Address: Battishputali, Surya Bikram Gyawali Marg

Association: M/S Goyal Group

Exe. Kailash Chandra Goyal

P.O.Box no: 8258, Kathmandu, Nepal

Office no: +977-1-4470891, 4480407

Fax no: +977-1-4474459

Email: goyal@goyal.wlink.com.np

Representing Company:

  • Gauri Ganesh Impex
  • Manokamana Import Export
  • Manokamana Handicraft
  • Manokamana Vegetable Ghee & Oil Ind. (P.) Ltd.
  • Manokamana Investment Business Co. (P.) Ltd

Line of Business:

    Importer of Silk, Pashima, Wool & Producer of Yarn Goods, Vegetable Ghee & Oil, Purchaser and Seller of Properties
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Name: Mr. Ram Sharan Thapaliya (Executive Member)

Address: Thamel

P.O.Box: 13872, Kathmandu, Nepal

Exe. Mem. Ram Sharan Thapaliya

Office no: +977-1-4262767, 4264793

Fax no: +977-1-4262767

Email: ramsthapaliya@gmail.com


Representing Company

  • Sufficient Export and Import
  • Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Line of Business

ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Hari Bahadur Karki (Executive Member)

Address: Thamel

P.O.Box no: 7237, Kathmandu, NepalExe. Mem.Hari Bdr. Karki

Office no: +977-1- 4227512, 4228030

Fax no: +977-1- 4220573

Email: zexim@wlink.com.np

Representing Company

  • Zenith Export & Import

Line of Business

ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Surendra Kumar Shrestha (Executive Member)

Address: Thamel

P.O.Box no: 1408, Kathmandu, NepalSurendra K. Shrestha

Office no: +977-1- 4700907, 4701136

Fax no: +977-1- 4701681

Email: surendrashrestha1961@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Sweater and Pashmina House
  • Fedeartion of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Line of Business

    Woolen knitwear and Pashmina
ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Naresh Shrestha (Executive Member)

Address: Ramshapaht, Putalisakda

P.O. Box no: 20410, Kathmandu, Nepal

Exe. Mem. Naresh ShresthaOffice no: +977-1-4443353

Fax no: +977-1-4416163

Email: nepalpavilion@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Nepal Pavillion Pvt. Ltd
  • Pavillion Tour & Travel Pvt.Ltd

Line of Business

    • Event Organiser, Exhibitor, Tour & Travel
ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Bhim Lal Paudyal (Executive Member)

Address: Guccha tole, New Road

Office no: +977-1-4267391, 4166002

Exe. Mem. Bhim Lal Paudyal

Fax no: +977-1-4379258

Email: roshani.paudyal@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Saugat Impex
  • Royal Foot Wear Industry Pvt.Ltd
  • Upper Hewakhola Hydropower Pvt.Ltd
  • Sopan Multiple Company Pvt.Ltd
  • Acme Engineering Collage

Line of Business

    Import Readymade Garments, Shoes, Hydropower, Education etc.
ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Hem Bahadur Swar (Executive Member)

Address: Ranjana Galli, New Road

P.O. Box no: 20659,  Kathmandu, Nepal

Office no: +977-1-4250715

Fax no: +977-1-4219033

Email: hemswar15@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Hem Overseas

Line of Business

    Import , Readymade Garments, Shoes
ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Deepak Kaji Tuladhar (Executive Member)

Address: Lazimpat, UttardhokaExe. Mem. Deepak Kaji Tuladhar

Office no: +977-1-4441080, 4441081

Fax no: +977-1-4417427

Email: tuladhardk@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Constant Business Group (P) Ltd.
  • Harati Overseas
  • Annapurna Lifan Company (P) Ltd.

Line of Business

Trading & Automobile

ˆ Top

Name: Mr. Surendra Kumar Sarda (Executive Member)

Address: Kamalpokhari

Office no: +977-1-4620345, 4228382

Fax no: +977-1-4225351

Email: surendrasarda.statusgroup@gmail.com

Representing Company

  • Fashion Furnishing
  • Status Trading (P) Ltd.
  • Best Manufactures

Line of Business

    Flooring, Furnishing, Adhesive
ˆ Top

Mr. Niraj RaiExecutive MemberAddress:

New Road, Kathmandu

Exe. Mem. Niraj Rai

    • Tel: 4238156, 4215541
              email: changbhai@yahoo.com
Representing Company:

  • Indrajit & Sons Enterprises
  • St. Paul International School
  • Lavakushproperty dealer Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kirat International (P) Ltd

Line of Business:

    Importer/Exporter shoes, property dealer, school, banking
ˆ Top

Mr. Rajendra SerchanExecutive MemberAddress:

Khichapokhari, Sundhara, Kathmandu

Exe. Mem. Rajendra Serchan

    • Tel: 4250022
              email: rsssherchan@hotmail.com
Representing Company:

  • Sherchan Emporium

Line of Business:

    Readymade garments & Shoes.
ˆ Top

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Mr. Shreekrishna RijalExecutive MemberAddress Jorpati–1,  Exe. Mem. Shreekrishna RijalKathmandu



Representing of Company

Shree Krishna Hardware and Machinary Concern

Line of Business: Hardware

ˆ Top

Representing Company:

  • Mainawati Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gloden Battery Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  • Global Trading House Ltd.
  • Vishal Group Ltd.
  • Paramount Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Line of Business:

    Manufacturing, and Trading
ˆ Top

Mr. Subhash Chandra SanghaiSubhash Sanghai Executive MemberAddress Tribeni Complex, 6th floor, Putalisadak, KTM

email: ntdc@trivenionline.com

Website: Representin of CompanyTribeni

Feed Industry Pvt. Ltd.Nepal

Tea Development Corporation

Haldibari Tea Processing Pvt. Ltd

Ganesh Himal Tea State Pvt. Ltd.

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Mr. Ramesh Maharjan Executive MemberAddress  New Road, KathmanduRamesh Maharjan


Website www rbdiomond.com

Representin of Company

RB Diamond Jewelers Pvt. Ltd.

Line of Business: Trading

ˆ Top

Mr. Ram Shrestha
Executive Member
ˆ Top

Mr. Deepak ShresthaExecutive MemberAddress: Kathmandu-29, Gogabu, Kathmandu


Representing of CompanyDeepak Shrestha

NEPATOP ORGANIZATIONPhone: 01-4354117, 4363548, 4387901Url: www.nepatop.comEmail: info@nepatop.com
Nepal Hilltop Industries (P) Ltd.
Brihaspati Moulding Industries (P) Ltd.
Manamaiju Industries (P) Ltd.
Karya BInayak INdustries (P) Ltd
ˆ Top

Er. Pankaj JalanExecutive Member

Address Kathmandu 33, Maitidevi, KTM



Representin of Company

Lord Buddha Education International

Education Profetional  Associtaion of Nepal

College for Professional StudiesHerbs and Spice food Pvt. Ltd

Line of Business: Education

ˆ Top

Mr. Tika Ram SharmaExecutive Member

Address Kathmandu 32, Putalisadak, KTM



 Representin of Company

Time Office Automation Pvt. tika ramLtd

Time SuppliersBal Bidhya Batika

Line of Business: Imports